Stock Photography

Stock images bespoke to your business are a great way accompaniment to your written content marketing. Using your own stock images alleviates the problem many companies have when they need consistency and original visuals to work with their blog posts, social media and company information.

Create your own image stock library with bespoke photography

There couldn’t be a better way to promote your business than using your own stock images. Obviously, there is a place for purchased stock images, but if you really want to make an impact online and in print the best option is  using your very own image banks and that’s why our Photography MK local photographer is the best investment you can make in your marketing.

What makes Photography MK's product photography work?

Does your website photography need freshening up or do you want a portfolio of business shots ready for your next brochure? Our in-house ? photographer can capture these images either in situ or on a plain studio style background. We can work with you to build up a bank of images ready for future projects. No more last-minute time consuming searches for just the right image – it will be at your fingertips whenever you need it.

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"I want great stock photography images!"

Buy local!

This reliable, professional Buckingham based photographer will provide  crisp, clear images to use any way you choose. Having the best photography will help ensure you increase engagement with your clients and followers on social media. A post is more likely to get likes and shares if accompanied by a scroll-stopping image. Don’t forget you  won’t have to worry that someone else is using the same stock image as you,because every shot whether it’s your products or your place of business,will be bespoke to you.


Royal Latin Grammar School (Education)

Organisation Profile:
Prestigious grammar school with an almost 600year history.

Project Background:
The website had become unstructured and slightly beyond control Photography MK was asked to recreate  new website ON A NEW PLATFORM? and to craft a new complimentary prospectus.

Upon reviewing existing imagery to build the website and brochure, it quickly became apparent that the images available were  low quality. This was the perfect opportunity for the school to update their imagery to reflect their current offering, Photography MK  agreed to take a few shoots onsite to produce a bank of custom stock photography.

What Photography MK Did:
We attended a selection  of the Royal Latin School’s events from April to July photographing in a variety of locations. These events ranged from the Founder’s Day celebration at the local church, to Sports Day on the school field and the school’s  sixth form open day. Photography MK also visited during the usual school day to capture students in their learning environment.

Our local photographer will create beautiful stock photography.