Why do I need professional corporate headshot photography?

You should use a professional corporate headshot photographer of people is needed for lots of reasons – to capture a special event or time, as a special gift, part of a portfolio or just to celebrate a family coming together.

Professional photos are a very important part of society, it’s the visual way in which we project ourselves. First impressions count.

Headshot and Portrait Photography

Corporate headshot photography is definitely an art – a balance of technique, natural artistry and mostly a great sense of humour! We can capture the real you when you are at your most relaxed, so at Yellow Moose we add an element of fun to every portrait shoot.

What's the deal?

Corporate Headshot Photography is essential for online networking on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Our professional headshot photographer can make you stand out from the competition and will create a unique set of eye-catching headshots for you and your team. Our photographer Martyn can visit you at a location of your choice whether that be your business or a suitable outside location. We’ll be sure to capture you at your natural best.

There are several types of portrait sessions that Photography M can create. This includes the typical ‘studio’ shot, usually shot on a standard white or grey backdrop without props. The ‘environmental’ portrait, places with in your own surroundings, be it in the office or the nearby gardens. If you’d like some options to choose from for different purposes we can also accommodate a combination of both. We also shoot beauty & fashion photography sessions.

Studio Portraits

If you're looking for a portrait photographer, please get in touch today!

What do Photography MK do that's so special?

The key to our portrait photography is capturing your natural personality and unique qualities. But as everyone is different, we combine patience with creativity as well as our technical knowledge of lighting and exposure to make portraits inspiring. It’s all about the angles. 

If you’re a budding actor and want the best headshot photographer to shoot your portfolio we can work with you to capture your best side!

Corporate Headshot Photography



Organisation Profile:
Small charity who organise fundraising events for the local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Project Background:
The previous photographs of the trustees were low resolution and did not reflect their true selves.

The Brief:
Create a series of portraits in a consistent style for use on the corporate website. 

What Photography MK did:
We invited all the trustees to our Photography MK studio to have their photos taken. The client was very happy with the results…..take a look for yourself? <LINK to thir headshot>?

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