360 Product Photography

In an increasingly competitive world, showing your products has never been more important.

That’s where 360 photography can help.

What is 360 photography all about?

360 Photography is photography that showcases your products from literally every angle. The viewer will get to see the product as a smooth image as the product rotates on their screen. It’s a great way to showcase your products and increase online sales.

What’s more component parts of your products can be demonstrated. Whether that’s opening drawers, bags, gift boxed items, or even products assembled from their component parts.

The Benefits to Your Business

Visitors to your site can get an almost tangible feel for your products. It’s a great way to demonstrate the styles, colours, and shapes of products in your online shop. There is also the ability to draw the viewer’s attention by highlighting specific parts of your product with e.g. red crosses to showcase special features. What is the angle? Well, there’s plenty! Which means you can use different images across your social media platforms, in addition to using images for print and offline marketing material.

Example animated GIF for use on website or social media


360 E-Commerce Product Photography

This style of photography can increase interactivity, and can even increase revenue. Internet Retailer Magazine conducted a study that found 360 product photography helped to increase conversion rates by as much as 13% on e-commerce websites.

With the ability to demonstrate your products from every angle, this can also lead to a reduction in returns, as shoppers have had the opportunity to view the entire product.

Professional 360 product photography UK

By using Photography MK, your 360 product images are undertaken in a professionally lit studio. Professional editing software is used to create the final images. The images are high quality, whilst also keeping file size small for web use. This ensures there’s no delay or downloading issues when customers view your products online. There is the option of a natural shadow for your images, reflection, or floating images.

What’s included?

With your 360 product photography photoshoot, you’ll get multiple angles of your products as images for additional use. Animated gifs / video files of all your products for sharing on social media. There is also the ability for implementation onto your website if required.



Showcasing the entire product range

Whatever you’re selling, stand out from the competition. Whether it’s jewellery, fashion and apparel, tech items or technical components, sports products, or collector’s items. What’s more if you have an item that cannot be touched e.g. if you’re a museum or auction house, 360 product photography is the perfect way to show the items or products to those who are interested.

360 product photography UK pricing

Showcase your entire product selection with 360 product photography from just £20 per product. Simply get in touch today for a bespoke quote.

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